A Taste Of Paris With Travis London: Foodie

In this episode of A Taste of Paris, celebrity chef Travis London bites in to the iconic and irresistible draw of French cuisine in one of the world’s must-see destinations for true foodies. Learn more at http://room5.trivago.com.

Video produced by E-TV/LWS Production Belgium http://www.etvonweb.be
Producer: Jean-Baptiste Fabbricatore
Project Manager: Isabelle Vertongen
Filming & Editing: Quentin Keiser & Florence Rouffart
Coordinator: Manon Coulon
Music: B-Film – Thumbs Up

Travis London

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Travis is a celebrated chef, event planner, and a lifestyle and travel expert. Travis is the founder of Hollywood's go to catering/event planning company, Healthy Chic Eats, and is a frequent contributor to various media outlets.

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